What is Family Dentistry; is it a Specialty?

Family   dentist in Langley
Family dentist

The practice of family dentistry is similar to general dentistry and it is Not a specialty. Both types of dentistry handle oral health and hygiene issues. Family dentists usually accept patients of all ages, making a family dentistry office a convenient choice if you have children in your home. Family dentists care for your child’s baby teeth as well as permanent teeth. Family physicians go through education and residency training process after graduation from medical school however there is no such specialty in dentistry. In my opinion this is a personal preference of the dentist to treat younger children or not; In order perform ideal dentistry for children, dentist should be able to manage children with proper chair side manner and in some situations, to use some sort of sedation such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation , combination of both and finally General Anesthesia.


When seeking a family dentist ask friends, colleagues, and extended family members for recommendations. It is especially important that children are as comfortable with the family dentist and the office’s environment, because visiting a dentist can be a stressful experience for young children.


Another way to keep the family comfortable involves searching locally for your family dentist. By finding a local dentist you can be sure that your family’s visits to the dentist’s office don’t involve a long commute. When you choose a local dentist you make it easier for your family to keep up with regular visits.


Family dentistry provides preventative dentistry services, such as regular cleanings and periodontal maintenance and other dental work that may be needed. It is important to schedule regular appointments for checkups, so that our dentist can detect any problems before they require more complex treatments such as Implants, root canals. Most dentists will also take x-rays of the teeth on a timely basis to check for cavities. Most importantly our dentist in Aquarius dental will perform bite and occlusion analysis on every dental visit , when your children is still growing and catch any crowding and abnormal Jaw growth to recommend preventative and easier orthodontic options rather than doing unnecessary premolar extraction and jaw surgeries when the child passed the growth age.


Your dentist and hygienist will give you tips and recommendations for proper brushing, flossing techniques to prevent plaque buildup  and tooth decay between your dental appointments.

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