Things to Consider

If you require orthodontic treatment, discuss these important factors with your dentist or orthodontist.

1. Success

To help make sure your treatment is a success and lasts a lifetime, follow the advice of your dentist or orthodontist.

In some cases, minor treatment may be needed later to correct small changes in tooth position.

2. Discomfort

There are few risks or side effects to orthodontic treatment. The few problems that do occur are most often because the patient did not follow the advice of the dentist or orthodontist.

You may feel some discomfort for a while when your braces are first put on and when they are adjusted.

3. Time

Orthodontic treatment takes time. How much time depends on your age, the type of problem, how serious it is and what treatments are used. Treatment generally involves a visit every four to seven weeks over a period ranging from six months to two or three years.

In general, it takes longer to treat adults than children or teenagers.

4. Care

Brushing and flossing take longer, and are even more important for people with braces, because food gets stuck around the brackets. Your dentist or orthodontist will give you tips on how to brush and floss (using floss threaders).

If you have braces, do not bite on hard things such as ice cubes, nuts or pencils. Do not eat sticky foods like gum (sugar or sugar-free) or toffee. They can loosen brackets and pull them off your teeth. Your treatment will take longer as a result.

Parents should supervise their children to make sure they do a good job cleaning their teeth and braces, and that they follow their dentist’s or orthodontist’s advice.

5. Cost

  • Some dental benefit plans have coverage for orthodontic treatment. Check with your employer or insurance company. Often, your insurance company will repay 50% of orthodontic treatment, until you reach your plan’s orthodontic limit
  • Aquarius dental  offers payment plans for orthodontic treatment. A complimentary consultation can determine if orthodontic treatment is suitable for you.