Children Dentistry

As a family dental practice in Clayton Heights, we have many young families in our practice. We love to care for your whole family and your children’s oral health is very important to us. We always try to create the most positive dental visit possible for your child. We recommend bringing children into the office around age 2 to get them acquainted with the office and we can count their teeth and clean them.

Here are some ways to help prepare your kid for their first appointment.

1. Stay positive when talking out their upcoming dental visits.
2. Bring a favorite toy or comfort item along to their appointment.
3. Read them kid’s books about dentists and going to the dentist.

We will help them develop a good brushing habit and look for cavities and any potential dental development issues. Some baby teeth don’t get replaced until age 12 or 13. These baby teeth help your little one speak, smile, and chew properly. They also hold space in the jaw for the adult teeth to come in. So it’s important to maintain and fix baby teeth when they develop cavities.

If your child needs any dental work, we will customize the appointment according to the child’s age, needs and level of cooperation. We also have advanced training to administer sedation for children so they can have a more comfortable dental experience. We Use oral Medication and Nitrous Oxide or Laughing gas for the most of anxious patients.

Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas is an extremely safe adjunct often used by dentists to reduce the apprehension and nervousness associated with dental procedures. Nitrous oxide allows your child to have dental treatment completed safely in the dental office setting while remaining fully awake. Nitrous Oxide induces a feeling of warmth and security, gives most children a pleasant “floating” sensation, and reduces sensations during dental treatment. Its effects are absolutely reversible within minutes, allowing your child to return safely to school that same day.

We want to ensure your child has a healthy growth and development. They should come for regular check up and cleaning twice a year or about every six months. This way, we are able to take care of their smiles throughout their childhood and teenage years.

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