Regular Dental Check Ups

Most children and adults should have a routine dental visit including a check up and cleaning every six months. People at a greater risk for oral diseases should have dental check ups more than twice a year. Tobacco and alcohol use, diabetes, pregnancy, periodontal and gum disease, poor oral hygiene and certain medical conditions are some of the many factors that we take into consideration when deciding how often you need your dental cleaning and check up.

Coming to your regular check ups will help to keep your gums and teeth healthy as well as detect any early problems such as gum disease, oral cancer and cavities. The best way to maintain good oral health is to visit us on a regular basis. In Aquarius dental we believe that prevention is easier, cost effective and better than cure and for that reason we highly recommend Periodontal  Services and Regular Dental check up to maintain your oral health.

Periodontal Services and Regular Dental check up involves an hour long appointment with the hygienist to perform necessary x-rays and scaling and root planing of teeth to get ride of the hard calculus and plaque on the teeth. Also we can do fluoride treatment to make the teeth more resistant to cavities. Then dentist will do a through check of the gums and the oral tissues for any signs of gum problem, decay,lesions  and oral cancer.

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