What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Orthodontic treatment straightens your teeth so they look and work better. It may even make your face look better, and help your jaw muscles function properly. Orthodontic treatment uses braces or other appliances to put gentle pressure on your teeth and eventually move them into the right position.

Teeth that are crooked, crowded or that protrude affect the way you look. Crowded and crooked teeth are also harder to clean. Cavities and gum disease may develop as a result. Teeth that stick out are more easily chipped or broken. If you are not happy with the way your teeth look or work, orthodontic treatment may help.

How do we do it?

We can straighten teeth and fix improper bites using metal braces and Invisalign. We treat both adults and children.
Metal braces use metal brackets and wires that most people picture when they think of braces. Teenagers commonly wear metal braces to correct their crowded teeth. We use latest heat-activated archwires that use your body heat to help teeth more quickly and accurately. After the braces are put on, patients need to come for regular, short adjustment appointments. This occurs every 4 to 8 weeks. Treatment time depends on your specific orthodontic problem and how complex it is. The average treatment time is 18 months.

invisalignInvisalign is a series of custom-made, clear trays or aligners. These aligners will gradually move your teeth little by little until the ideal smile is achieved. The aligners are normally worn for 2 weeks at a time and are almost invisible. They are often more comfortable because there are no metal brackets and wires in the mouth. Good dental hygiene is also more easily maintained because patients can remove them for eating and brushing their teeth. At the end of your orthodontic treatment, retainers need to be worn to maintain your teeth in their new position. We will instruct you on how often you need to wear the retainers. Normally, you wear the first set full time, then you can gradually reduce how much you wear them until you only wear them at night.

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