Family Dentistry

Being the family dental practice serving Clayton Heights and nearby Langley area, we have many families in our practice. The first appointment will help us get to know you and your dental needs. It consists of an oral health evaluation, including a medical and dental history review, x-rays, gum and teeth examination. We use digital x-rays which will emit up to 90% less radiation.

We understand it’s very common to be afraid of dental visits. We will take the time to understand your concerns and reach a treatment plan that will work for you if you need any treatment. We will provide you with all treatment options and prioritize them according to their urgencies and your preference.

We provide all dental care services in diagnosis and treatment of dental problems for the whole family that include dental exams, tooth cleaning, teeth whitening, and restorative procedures such as implant dentistry, composite fillings, cosmetic dentistry, and root canals, Invisalign and Orthodontics.

The emphasis in our family dentistry practice is prevention. We suggest you come for a check up a minimum of two times a year. During each checkup, you will have a routine cleaning to get rid of the stains and plaque buildup to prevent tooth decay and gum problems and gingivitis.

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